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Sunday 13 May 2012

Above Derwent on a sunny day.

Sometimes while engaged in memorial watching there are some delightful moments and, in Cumbria, some delightful places. It was a pleasure to discover this memorial in a sun speckled wood at which serves the civil parish of Above Derwent, north of Keswick. This comprises the villages of Braithwaite, Portinscale and Thornthwaite, the hamlet of Beck Wythop and the hamlets and scattered dwellings in the Newlands Valley.

I know nothing about this memorial but I think it can be safely said that the cross is a monumental mason's stock design adopted as a memorial. It offered a cheaper option for small and impoverished communities.


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Iain Duncan said...

Dear Louis,

I can't see another way to contact you, so forgive me if my message is not related to this post.

I am trying to find out details regarding War Memorials to a men from the Great Broughton area.

Does such a Memorial exist in Great Broughton itself, or were the names listed elswehere in the locality?

I am trying to trace a specific chap, and cannot find where, if anywhere, he is commemorated.

Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.


Iain Duncan