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Tuesday 21 February 2012

A possible memorial at Lorton

Although I am reasonably familiar with memorials in South Lakeland, there are many in the outer reaches of Cumbria I am not familiar with. On odd occasions I find something that needs following up. And this photo of a 'Memorial Seat' at Lorton is a case in point. Is it a War Memorial? Dunno! I must try to find out when the summer comes.

The principal memorial is in the quiet and secluded parish church of St Cuthbert.

It is a lovely decorated and carved oak panel with the names of the fallen inscribed on a brass plaque. The care taken over it is manifest; not a speck of dust or splashed paint. What a gem.

There is a second world war memorial in the form of a brass plaque mounted on oak. It bears two names. I only have a blurred image.