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Tuesday 2 September 2008

A bit further with Denton Lee, Langdale

Just received an email from Agnes Ebrey about James Denton Lee's memorial stone in Busk Wood, Langdale. It was sent to her by a third party who continues to look into the stone's origins.

Apparently James' sister, who never married and became a successful hairdresser
in Blackpool, paid for a National Trust woodland to be planted and James'
memorial to be placed there. She also paid for a seat to be placed in his memory
at Trinity College Cambridge.

So probably more to come in due course. The next thing is clearly to email the archivist at Trinity College, Cambridge for info on James. Watch this space!


tisgrannie said...

Hello Agnes Ebrey here. I have been trying to find you again as I would like to ask for the photo please of Lt Denton Lee. The Museum of the Manchester Regt would love to display it. I came across the Forshaw item the other day not realising Lt Lee was further down the blog. I have forwarded that to the Museum. They greatly appreciate it. I hope you don't mind them using it.
I hope you can help with the photo
Agnes Ebrey

Louis said...

Agnes. I will post you the pics I have over the next couple of days. Could the Manchester's museum add me as a link? Lots of Manchester memorials up here!

Louis said...

I contacted the college where Agnes suggested a seat had been placed. They have no record of it or of James Denton Lee. Was he student or staff?

Nick said...


Have you managed to gather any more information on James Denton Lee, its made for an interesting read. Great website very informative.

Thanks Nick