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Saturday 29 March 2008

Vive la France! Another mystery.

Back from Fuerteventura where there appeared to be a total lack of discernable war memorials but lots of semi-tame wild Ravens and ground squirrels both of which can be hand fed - great fun.

Just to keep the blog going I thought I would post this pic of a mystery object that hangs in one of the county's churches and see if anyone has any suggestions.

The cross is about 18 inches high, made of cast bronze and bears a maker's name which appears to read 'Gillen' or 'Cillen'. Below the wreath is a representation of a medal - The Croix de Guerre? I make the presumption that it is in some manner associated with the Great War, but it could be of any date in the nineteenth or early twentieth century. Might it be Napoleonic or from the Franco - Prussian war?

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