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Monday 21 January 2008

An unknown couple

Picked this up for 50p at a local antique fair this weekend. I always think it's so sad when you see these pics and there is absolutely no indication of who they are. This was in a box with a bunch of postcards that appear to be from a home somewhere in South Lakes, maybe Coniston area but it could be anywhere. Someone's Grandad probably. And what a story he could probably tell, not only of the war but of life.

All the picture tells me is that he was probably in a Corps; Service Corps, Royal Engineers or Artillery & a married man it seems, unless it's his sister.

Maybe someone will recognise him.


Anonymous said...

He's wearing a wedding ring, so I think it's a fairly safe assumption that's his wife! Also - did you notice his spurs?


Maggie B D said...

Would you like an image of the Coniston War Memorial?

Maggie B D said...

I am finding your blog fantastic - so full of information and wonderful images. How can I get in touch privately as I've information you may like for the blog?

Louis said...




Louis said...

I used to live in Penwortham, Blundell Lane! And my Dad looked like a twin of Trevor Howard in 'Brief Encounter'. Always reminds me of him.

Maggie B D said...

I saw this film on release as a wartime child. One of my favourites, despite no northerners being in the cast. Will enlarge on this in a minute.